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Evaluation Kit

The CTT Evaluation Kit (EVK) is a smartphone-sized PCB that is a low-cost and simple way to quickly evaluate the key benefits of UltraTouch and understand how you can design it into your next product.

Evaluation Kit CTT2106-EVK (Enhanced Touch)


part#: CTT2106-EVK-A2

Product Description

Touch a world of possibilities

The Cambridge Touch Technologies EVK provides a fully functional UltraTouch touch panel right out of the box that is easy and quick to set up. The EVK can detect the force and position of fingers in harsh environments, such as when wearing gloves and the extreme case of underwater operation in a specially designated test area on selected models. For safety-critical applications, UltraTouch products provide immunity against ghost touches.
Cambridge Touch Technologies UltraTouch panels can detect a very wide range of force with many levels of discrimination. Due to the limits of human dexterity the EVK is programmed to respond to either two or three discrete forces with feedback of detection of touch and position via intensity and colour of adjacent LEDs.

The companion EVK UltraTouch Studio software provides detailed and real-time information on the location and force of touch and permits the user to adjust multiple operating parameters of the touch panel, such as force thresholds.

The EVK enables designers and engineers to experience the benefits and capabilities enabled by touch and explore a world of possibilities in human-machine interaction.



  • Stand alone, multi-position and multi-force touch panel
  • Button, slider and pinch gesture simulation
  • Gloved hand compatibility (selected models only)
  • Underwater mode (selected models only)
  • LEDs indicate touch detection and force applied
  • Simple USB2.0 interface to Windows 10 (or above) PC
  • Safe, ultra low voltage operation
  • Convenient, compact and easily portable

What's Included

1 x Cambridge Touch Technologies EVK board

1 x USB 2.0 A To Micro B

1 x Quick Start Guide

1 x UltraTouch Studio Software for Windows

Additional information

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