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State-of-the-art Multi-Touch and Force Sensing Technology

The World’s simplest architecture for all-in-one location and force touch sensing.

World’s Simplest Architecture

A highly advanced piezoelectric film is incorporated into the device stack-up above the display, and advanced software with artificial intelligence stored in the touch controller decode the various touch signals. The low cost force sensor extends battery life, is thin and light, and detects both location and force at the same time.

UltraTouch is Unique in Delivering Flexible, Transparent,
at Low Cost

UltraTouch is compatible with all mainstream touch
architectures (external, on-cell and in-cell)

Multiple Advanced Technologies

The UltraTouch solution combines several important elements:

Transparent Piezoelectric Film

The film is clear with high transparency. It's also a passive layer that doesn't require additional power to operate and thus saves your battery for longer life between charges.

AI and Sophisticated Algorithms

Software is at the core of the UltraTouch technology solution, seamlessly connecting hardware and advanced materials together in one high-performance package.

IP and Know-How

A growing portfolio of granted and pending patents worldwide keeps our customers at the leading edge.

Key Features

Flexible and Foldable

Low Power

Pressure Sensitive


Scalable to Any Size

Easy to Manufacture

Solid State and Robust

Low Cost

Wide Temperature Range

Patented Technologies

  • CTT’s Composite Single Signal is a patented technology developed by CTT which enables the world’s simplest multi-force touch architecture.
  • Unlike competitive approaches, UltraTouch does not require additional sensing circuits or layers.
  • Our breakthrough innovation lies in our ability to sense location and force signals all on the same electrodes.
  • These key advantages enable UltraTouch to be thinner, lower power, and fully integrated, thus creating a modern and sleek look and design for the world’s best smart devices.

World Class Partners

CTT works with leading players in the supply chain who adopt UltraTouch technologies into their high volume components. CTT supply chain partners include top touch panel and display makers, and market leading Touch IC controller and film vendors. This ensures our Brand customers get the supply options they seek in the volumes they require.