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CTT Showcases Latest Demos at SID Display Week 2019 Exhibition

May 31, 2019

May 31, 2019 – Cambridge, UK –  CTT once again attended the leading conference, symposium and exhibition for the touch and display industry, Society of Information Display (SID)’s Display Week 2019, held this year in San Jose, CA.  The exhibition ran from May 13 to 16, 2019.  

It was a hectic week meeting customers and partners, as well as kicking-off new projects in the smartphone, automotive and industrial markets.  

During the exhibition, we were delighted to showcase our UltraTouch technology in demos that were featured in the booths of three different customers.  

Demonstrated were:

1)  a  12.3” automotive demo with Futaba Corp, incorporating amazing finger slide-and-press and map press-to-zoom functionalities, replacing mechanical buttons with virtual buttons that – just like a real button – needs to be pressed to be activated.  This is a major trend in automotive, and the CTT UltraTouch is a leading solution for the car OEMs to design enhanced User Interfaces that are safer for the driver in minimizing distractions, and for enabling ultra-modern and way-cool car interior designs. 

Fig 1: 12.3” UltraTouch Automotive Panel


2)  a 5.5” smartphone demo with our partner Solomon Systech Ltd., which showed underwater operation capability.  Customers could take their picture by pressing the camera button on the pcap display that was immersed in water.  This demonstrated an exciting new capability where you can use the touch screens on your IP68-rated smartphones when you’re in the pool, or out in the rain – something that is currently not possible or doesn’t work well.  Pretty cool.

Fig 2:  5.5” UltraTouch Underwater Demo

3)  another 5.5” smartphone – with a customer who shall remain nameless – that demonstrated not only multi-finger, multi-force-sensing capabilities for a phone which is significantly more cost competitive compared to competing 3D Touch technologies, but also used Silver Nano-Wire (SNW) as the conductive electrodes.  So while the demo shown was a small handheld device, when using SNW the UltraTouch solution can be scaled to very large sizes, and even be used for foldable phones. This has important benefits such as making the UI and UX consistent across all devices and applications, enabling a uniform user experience from device to device.

It was a great (and exhausting) week at SID this year!  Looking forward to the upcoming shows like SID Vehicle Displays in Detroit and C-Touch Asia later in 2019.