Benefits of UltraTouch

Employing the latest piezoelectric sensor design with sophisticated algorithms,
UltraTouch augments traditional projected capacitive touch to give new levels of performance.

Advantages of UltraTouch

Bringing new capabilities and exciting new user experiences to smart devices

Rain Insensitive

Using your device in the rain while the screen is wet has always been a frustrating problem because it usually never works right the first time. With UltraTouch, this is no longer an issue.


With all the devices becoming water-resistant these days, wouldn't it make sense you could actually use the touch screen when underwater or other harsh environments? Now you can.

Glove Capable

Keep your gloves on during a cold day out running, or when driving your car. Or if you're a doctor or nurse operating life-saving equipment in a sterile environment. Where ever you need gloves, UltraTouch is ready.


UltraTouch can be used with all the haptic actuators in mainstream use, such as LRA and ERM. Directional, localized haptics is possible, allowing the touch screen to vibrate where your fingers are.


UltraTouch is on the leading edge of modern smartphone and automotive design, by enabling the replacement of physical mechanical buttons, offering sleek and eye-catching forms. UltraTouch can work under glass, metal or plastic layers.

Stylus Friendly

The UltraTouch solution can be used with a fine-tipped passive stylus, providing high performance, power savings, and lower cost compared to an active stylus. (and btw, it works with an active stylus too!)